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Advertising the science of connecting and the art of fascination

Jan 07, 2019 Business
If it wasn't for advertising, convincing nature of humans would have been much different. Yes, advertising is a game of persuasion, conviction, fascination, and connection.

When you start to sell or manufacture your product newly, you have to go through some tough pavement full of hurdles. And it is pretty obvious since you are 'no one' for the customer clan. They don't know anything about you or your product/service. And when your product keeps on being idle in the anonymous zone of a market, the need for an advertisement for your product/service takes birth..

Especially, when your business is in a toddler stage, an advertisement can effectively play the role of nurturing & fostering your product/service. It opens many doors of opportunities for your business.

At the initial stage of your business, when you're unfamiliar to the masses, advertisement efficiently & creatively creates a need of your product/service in the market. The whole process might be gradual but indeed effective one. People will know your product/service, they will buy your product as the advertisement has already hounded the positive messaging of your product in their mind. Now, this is the play of psychology that uses the trick of constantly depositing the name, sound, picture of your brand into the mind of a consumer with some compelling & fascinating messaging strategy. This cycle of a process goes on & you started to become people's choice(of course your product/service should have a great potential & quality).