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March 20 2018

Tracking App

In order to upkeep the productivity of your business, you must regulate a system that can easily monitor & track the location of your professional resources. Our technically outfitted, extensible, and smart location tracking app is outstandingly cost-effective exclusively designed to enrich & empower organizations with the capability to effectively track the location of your personnel. App also has the facilities to keep track of users' login & logout exact time so that you can maintain your employees' working hours efficiently.

If your resource is an on-field salesperson, it's essential for you to keep track of his/her daily route. To suffice this scenario, we've given you the facility of Day Wise Route Track in this App. Even you can easily view the Sales Person's route report for the entire month as we're giving you the facility of Monthly Report of Sales Person's Route.

Features of Tracking App

  • Login & Logout time of an Employee
  • Employee's day wise route track
  • Monthly Report of Sales Person's route
  • Elite Solution for the Sales Tracking
  • Super User-Friendly
  • Easily track productive working hours
  • Based on Smart & Advanced Technology
  • Cost-effective investment to foster your Business
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