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March 20 2018

Mom2Be - Pregnancy Care App

Pregnancy is the most beautiful thing in any woman's life. Bringing someone to life makes any woman more beautiful, and at the same time, it makes her responsible too. There are lots of things which not only a pregnant woman but her near ones should take care of.

Mom2Be is a must-have companion in your journey of welcoming a new guest to the world and your lives. Mom2Be is a well-versed & smart App created to simplify the entire pregnancy process. It empowers pregnant women to cultivate a healthy and stress-free lifestyle by decoding the complexities of pregnancy in a simplistic, scientific way and helps them reduce anxiety and confusion. It explains a pregnant woman all the necessary knowledge & information regarding pregnancy to enlighten women with the complete process of childbirth, how the process brings significant changes in woman's body during the term of pregnancy. Mom2Be truly prepares pregnant women to become a Mom by concisely answer every question which women have related to pregnancy & every little aspect of it.

Key highlights.

  • Integrated pregnancy calculator for scheduling activities & events
  • Pregnancy calendar with Appointments, pregnancy chart, doctor & visit details
  • Timely alerts for medicines, pathology tests, doctor visits, etc.
  • Products concerning to pregnancy can be easily ordered on rent through the App
  • The app has a smart calendar which shows us the ante-natal appointments
  • Automatically sets the reminder for the appointment.
  • By clicking on the Visit button/icon, the user can anytime see the tests & checkups
  • The app also suggests some of the best medicines for the health of the mom.
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