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July 2019

Click 360 - A Comprehensive And Conclusive Performance Management Software

If you are looking for a quick, reliable and efficient means to evaluate performance and productivity of the resources and your company’s overall goals, Click 360 is indeed your trustable solution.

Using Click 360 will easily meet an organization’s detailed performance management needs and would help streamline and automate the employee management process with absolute clarity and accuracy. In a nutshell, it facilitates a great synergy of tracking, analyzing and assessing the complete potential of employees and their growth.

Check out how Click 360 can benefit your Professional set-up:

  • Simple & Strategic

    This HR management technology fosters an effective communication and transparent approach. Moreover, Click 360 allows both managers and employees to set goals, report incidents, and complete competencies. Basically, this software ensures that your team is aligned with your organizational goals.

  • Improves Employee Engagement

    Click 360 makes for a free, interactive tool, which allows real-time feedback, ongoing check-ins and instant recognition.

  • Responsive and engaging

    One of the perks of using Click 360 at workplace lies in the fact that it will let your employees connect, collaborate and share ideas to add value to the organization.

  • Establish performance standard

    With Click 360, you can set goals for your team members, keep check in the progress and ensure a contributing part of each member of the team.

  • A rewarding affair

    Click 360 also gives you an opportunity to show appreciation to your colleagues and team members through its reward option. This undoubtedly will boost the morale and encourage the team to work harder, thereby amplifying the company’s overall performance growth rate.

Key features of Click 360:

  • Create goals

    The goal button is used for setting up goals and deadlines for the team members and colleagues which can be used by both managers and employees.

  • Report incidents

    Any small or big incident related to the employees can be reported in this space. This acts as a one-step up towards ensuring the safety and security of the employees.

  • Complete competencies

    The particular module helps to assess the overall performances of the employees and facilitates a process to identify the best performers in the company.

  • Performance audit

    Evaluating the performance of the company’s assets, products and properties just got easier with this certain module here. It proves definitive.

  • Coaching

    The coaching module addresses the details about the coaching, sessions and seminars that takes place in the office. It enables to take notes of both the participants and the coach.

  • Recognition

    Getting recognized from seniors or colleagues is always a pleasant experience. And this module presents a great way to recognize your team members work.

  • Tasks

    Assigning task has never been this simple. With the use of this module, one can assign tasks to others as well as to self with ease. It sure works well to extract performance on an individual basis.

  • Improvement ideas

    This particular module makes it easy to suggest and share ideas for upgradation. It proves to be a great way to express one’s own thoughts on things related to the workplace.

Click 360 certainly is a potent tool relevant for wide-ranging industries and verticals. Avail this incredible platform and ensure a solid performance trajectory for your company.

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