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March 2020

An Easy-To-Use, Powerful, And Full-Fledged CRM Software

Accumate CRM is the best bet for businesses dealing with several existing as well as potential customers. It keeps you professionally covered with its latest and advanced features

Whether it is about managing your customers, tacking leads, or follow ups, Accumate CRM tool will come handy for all these and more. Essentially, using it will ease off your work load and keep your company and make it a swift and well-organized experience for you.

Features of Accumate CRM

  • Cloud Based Software
  • Multi User Functionality
  • Detailed Lead Management
  • Scheduling & Tracking lead follow ups
  • Convert leads to customers
  • Create Teams & Team leaders
  • Assign Tasks to Team Members
  • Create Marketing Campaigns & Plans
  • Set team & Product specific targets
  • Track deals given to customers
  • Auto Email & SMS functionality
  • Schedule meetings
  • Customer support & Feedback
  • Deliver several performance reports
  • Customizable dashboard


Using Accumate CRM will facilitate the prospect of business and help expand the reach to target audiences. Essentially, it will let you build a relationship of trust with your customers by meeting their needs and requirements seamlessly.

With Accumate CRM tool, the path of collaboration becomes a hassle-free affair. It paves a way to incorporate stakeholders, suppliers, vendors, distributors and exchange customer information across groups or platforms.

This also gives managers an opportunity to make informed decisions and observe the developments through distinct phases. One of the best reasons to opt for Accumate CRM is it increases the customer loyalty. In fact, implementing CRM approach will also create a positive impression on the clients/customers which will automatically reduce the customer complaints as well.

It makes the company responsive to customer’s needs, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction at all levels.

Indeed, with Accumate CRM, you will have an enhanced ability to deal with customers and maturing customer segmentation in your firm in the most plausible manner.

So, without any further ado, avail Accumate CRM for your organization. You can contact us anytime for a free demo. Our team will respond to you within minutes. Hurry up!

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