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The all new Android Q

May 14, 2019 Business
Android is unveiling its 10th version this year with over 2.5 billion active operating devices

Android is unveiling its 10th version this year with over 2.5 billion active operating devices. Android has come a long way since its first ever version when smart phones were considered to be just an idea of communication. And now if you look around, smart phones have become the integral & significant part of our lives. This prodigy as humans creations effectively helps us stay in touch, organize our daily routine or to find a restaurant in a new place.

Going down the road, Android is looking to keep the momentum intact to focus on working with its partners to shape the future of mobile technologies for better & effective user experience.

Since phones have become the regular & trusted usage element in people's life, Android wishes to ascertain that people must have the power and control over their data & the way that data must be shared. As the frequency of people spending their most of time on their devices is high, creating tools to help them find & maintain their balance with the technology is the topmost priority of Android. Hence Android is more focusing on bringing three key areas in its next promising release, Android Q like innovation, security and privacy to upkeep the Digital well-being.

The all new features for a better mobile experience

With the hands of over 180 device maker companies, Android undoubtedly leading the realm of new Mobile Technologies.

Many features like the first OLED displays, predictive typing, high density and large screens with edge-to-edge glass/notch display have first harbored in Android.

This year, you will get to see many remarkable industry trends like foldable phone displays and 5G network make work wonders of what smartphones can do. Android Q is specifically designed to support the potential of foldable devices. Its features like multitasking, changing to different screen dimensions as you unfold the phone will truly awestruck you. Since it will be the first operating system to support 5G network, Android Q offers app developers tools to build faster & efficient connectivity to enhance user experiences like gaming and augmented reality effectively.

Android Q is all set to gear up & bring the cutting-edge features to better the user experience.