About Eracal


Eracal Software Pvt. Ltd. is an IT enterprise that stands at the crossroads of Cloud, Big data, Mobile and Web Technologies. The shift from traditional, offline business processes to online, cloud-enabled systems is heralding a monumental transformation in business and industry.

Eracal is at the forefront of this change. We leverage the transformative power of technology to help clients maximize their IT investments and align their operations in sync with their strategic business goals. Our leading-edge solutions achieve a multifaceted impact; they help improve business performance, achieve greater automation and drive profitability.

Built on an ethos of Professionalism, Commitment and Excellence, Eracal brings proven expertise in delivering enterprise level IT solutions across industries. Our solutions and services address the mission critical needs of diverse customers; we serve a growing clientele across key verticals including Healthcare, Retail, Engineering, Hospitality, Consulting, Energy and Education.

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Our Expert Team

Kishor Bora

Accumate is the brainchild of Kishor Bora, an entrepreneur with 40 years of rich experience. He aspired to develop a reliable solution that is focused on Accounting also Taxation, Banking ,Reporting and Compliance.

Kalpak Bora

An MCA with 5 years’ development experience under his belt, Kalpak brings to the table multiple skills and capabilities. His core responsibilities include client communication and business development.

Rohan Patil

Gifted with sharp business acumen and sound technical knowledge, also demonstrates fine leadership skills in the day-to-day functioning of the Company. He is entrusted primarily with driving business growth.

Rushabh Gugale
Domain Specialist

Rushabh is the principal architect of Accumate, has played an instrumental role in keeping it simple and making it user-friendly. Taxation is his forte; having commanded Income Tax and VAT.